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Jalapeño Eating Contest



AGE: Contestants must be at least 18 years old.

CONTEST LENGTH: This will be a 4-minute contest.

COST: free to enter!

NUMBER OF PEPPERS/CONTEST PROCEDURE: Each contestant will receive a plate of 10 whole, pickled jalapeño peppers and one small cup of water. There will be additional plates of 10 whole peppers on the table for eating after the first 10 are consumed. Each entrant must eat only one pepper during the first minute. Each entrant must then eat as many peppers as he or she can during the next three (3) minutes, one pepper at a time. After time is called, contestants must then wait an additional two (2) minutes before having anything additional to eat or drink. Judges will take a count of pepper stems during this time.

HOW TO EAT: Peppers must be eaten down to within 1/8 inch of the cap to be counted.

BEVERAGES ALLOWED: Entrants will not be allowed any other foods or beverages, other than the small cup of water supplied, during the contest. Participants must wait two (2) minutes after the conclusion of time before consuming any other foods or beverages in order for their peppers to qualify. We will have milk available, for entrants who want it, after the 2-minute waiting period.

DISQUALIFICATION: An entrant will be disqualified should he or she be unable to keep peppers in their stomachs within the 6 total minutes of the contest.

NO PROTECTIVE MOUTH COATING: An entrant cannot coat the inside of his or her mouth with any kind of protective coating before or during the contest. Anyone caught doing so will be disqualified.

WINNER: The winner will be determined by the number of stems on the contestant’s plate after time has been called. Each entrant will be allowed to finish any pepper remaining in his or her mouth when time is called. In case of a tie, contestants will be given an additional serving of peppers to consume.